IET DAVV Indore Cutoff 2022 – Check Previous Year Cutoff

This post will help you to understand cutoff trends for davv Indore which is a self-financed technical institute and one of the top state engineering colleges of Madhya Pradesh. In this article, you will find the previous year’s opening and closing rank (gender-neutral & female-only) for all category students and it will help you at the time of choice filling and college selection in mp dte counselling. Let’s understand iet davv Indore cutoff 2022 trends.

IET DAVV Indore Cutoff Trends:
IET DAVV Indore offers a B.Tech course, in 6 disciplines which include civil, information technology, computer science, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication, and Mechanical Engineering. If a student is MP domicile and his/her category is general/Ews and JEE Main AIR CRL is around 1.10 lakh then he/she has a good chance to get admission to this institute with the civil/mechanical/Instrumentation branch. If you are from outside of Madhya Pradesh, and your AIR is under 80,000 then you may get this institution with a civil/mechanical branch. For outside MP students, there are no female quota seats all the seats are gender-neutral.
You should remember one more important thing if your JEE Main AIR CRL is approx 30,000 then you have two best options one is iet-davv cse and the other is sgsits it, so in this situation, we suggest you should go with sgsits it according to academic structures and placements opportunity.

Check other colleges cutoff:

IET DAVV Indore Campus:
IET-davv is a state engineering college and if we keep this statement in mind then campus infrastructure is reasonable. If we compare the campus infrastructure of this college with SGSITS & JEC then it is much better. departments and hostel buildings are in decent condition. They provide every kind of general facilities like sports, bank, post office, wi-fi, activity centre, gym etc. You will enjoy the campus life of iet davv.

IET DAVV Indore Connectivity:
Placements of these institutions are better than Jec and one of the most important reasons behind this placement achievement is connectivity davv is located in the main city of Madhya Pradesh and it is well connected to the rest of the country. The industry is very close to this institution because of Indore city. IET is around 5.5 km away from the Indore junction railway station and approx 15 km away from Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore.

IET DAVV Indore Admission:
Admission to this institution is done by mp dte counselling based on JEE Main ranks, so if you want to get admission to this college then you have to follow these steps-

Pass class 12th board examination with the PCM group.
Apply for JEE Main Exam.
After writing JEE Main successfully you have to apply for this college through the mp dte counselling.
If you get a seat in this college by mp dte based on your JEE Main rank you can complete further procedures which included document verification and college fee submission.

IET DAVV Indore Cutoff 2021:

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
AICivil Engineering - GN86718112400
AICivil Engineering - F----
AIComputer Science & Engineering - GN1974137811
AIComputer Science & Engineering - F----
AIElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN4498167087
AIElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F----
AIElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN3783052968
AIElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F----
AIInformation Technology Engineering - GN2886839376
AIInformation Technology Engineering - F----
AIMechanical Engineering - GN54854101954
AIMechanical Engineering - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN72984166892
HSCivil Engineering - F123802180591
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN2163041692
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F2199548908
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN68332106995
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F6821597570
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN4370074880
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F5550078286
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN3853853314
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F4238157504
HSMechanical Engineering - GN78396127145
HSMechanical Engineering - F97632145427

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN112950130740
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN2018340905
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN68670100905
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F----
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN5099374428
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F----
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN3984251814
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F----
HSMechanical Engineering - GN80384118940
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN114811134728.1
HSCivil Engineering - F123762176505
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN2944744358
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F4068263321
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN7012694745
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F8884494180
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN5212670273
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F7206488275
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN3884152126
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F6332169761
HSMechanical Engineering - GN91769115979
HSMechanical Engineering - F100943141262

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN301291401231
HSCivil Engineering - F317507398596
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN115896158318
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F203787254624
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN366503619467
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F420705465348
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN196858436495
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F250590367536
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN158318196858
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F245481293992
HSMechanical Engineering - GN284705499551
HSMechanical Engineering - F422281744842

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN211520487230
HSCivil Engineering - F429355429355
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN158033402030
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F193543333189
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - GN498311635994
HSElectronics & Instrumentation Engineering - F592714592714
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - GN497106835450
HSElectronics & Telecommunication Engineering - F436621553856
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN374794605642
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F394604610637
HSMechanical Engineering - GN493783785945
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

This is all about IET DAVV Indore Cutoff trends hopefully this article was helpful for you thanks for visiting.
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