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Hello and welcome to College Help. In this post, we are going to explain the UIT RGPV Bhopal cutoff 2022 trends. University Institute of Technology- Rajiv Gandhi Technical University Bhopal is a self-financing institute that is commonly known as UIT-RGPV and it was set up in 1986 by the government of Madhya Pradesh. Here we will discuss the opening and closing ranks( gender-neutral & female-only) for every category of students.

UIT RGPV Bhopal Cutoff Trends:
UIT-RGPV Bhopal proposes a B.Tech course in 8 branches containing civil, computer science, mechanical, electrical, automobile, petrochemical, electronic & communication, and information technology. If you’re in JEE Main is low even if your rank is near 9 lakhs, you can still get admission to this college. If you are Madhya Pradesh domicile and your JEE Main CRL is about 6 lakh no worry you may get automobile engineering and if your rank is about 9 lakh then you may petrochemical engineering in UIT- RGPV. If you are from an outside state and your JEE rank is under 2.5 lakh then you have a high chance to get admission here.

I have a good suggestion for you if you are from MP and your JEE rank is low like 3.5 lakh or above then you should take admission to this college in automobile or petrochemical, after the first year of your B.Tech you can change your branch internally in UIT-RGPV. If you try for a branch change after first and you fail to change the branch then you can change your college also by university college transfer and take admission in any college of MP with any branch. If you don’t know about this great procedure then write to us in the contact section we will help you.

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UIT RGPV Bhopal Campus:
UIT-UIT-RGPV’s overall, campus infrastructure is not so well most of the departments, hostels, and staff residence buildings are old and based on rusty architecture. The campus life of this college is decent some of the college clubs are active like singing, dancing, drama, writing, etc. Hostel accommodation strength is not satisfactory but facilities are decent. From time to time cultural, Technical, and sports events are conducted by college students.

UIT RGPV Bhopal Connectivity:
Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and it is very well connected to every city in MP. UIT- RGPV Bhopal is approx 11 km away from the Bhopal junction, 17.6 km away from the habibganj railway station and it is around 4.7 km away from Rajabhoj International Airport Bhopal.

UIT RGPV Bhopal Admission:
Admission steps are very basic first you have to appear in Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main) then you have to do counselling for this college by MP-DTE. In MP-DTE counselling you can fill this college as a choice and get admission here based on your JEE Main rank.

UIT RGPV Bhopal Cutoff 2022:

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
AIAutomobile Engineering - GN86262138313
AIAutomobile Engineering - F----
AICivil Engineering - GN103560116032
AICivil Engineering - F----
AIComputer Science & Engineering - GN4027660900
AIComputer Science & Engineering - F----
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN5917185612
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
AIElect Elex - GN86644101514
AIElect Elex - F----
AIInformation Technology Engineering - GN6261167573
AIInformation Technology Engineering - F----
AIMechanical Engineering - GN101869106461
AIMechanical Engineering - F----
AIPetro-Chemical Technology - GN116653135459
AIPetro-Chemical Technology - F----
HSAutomobile Engineering - GN247446636759
HSAutomobile Engineering - F348432687406
HSCivil Engineering - GN74571265573
HSCivil Engineering - F264722319931
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN2595586251
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F4544499191
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN111240177214
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F52371161579
HSElect Elex - GN105446231805
HSElect Elex - F166712217559
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN86896102843
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F99108108582
HSMechanical Engineering - GN155818279728
HSMechanical Engineering - F179101358879
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - GN181134834446
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - F251609752893

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSAutomobile Engineering - GN307828404103
HSAutomobile Engineering - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN191575260461
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN5220589339
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN116062183985
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
HSElect Elex - GN118873203637
HSElect Elex - F----
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN89838100594
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F----
HSMechanical Engineering - GN165438302380
HSMechanical Engineering - F----
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - GN404920650032
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSAutomobile Engineering - GN247470569414
HSAutomobile Engineering - F418085510538
HSCivil Engineering - GN172830214297
HSCivil Engineering - F204930219014
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN3129264670
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F6417190233
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN100519138196
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F100297127821
HSElect Elex - GN149771202264
HSElect Elex - F177659194027
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN8718390256
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F103922107876
HSMechanical Engineering - GN169944218544
HSMechanical Engineering - F278220279067
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - GN300246725514
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - F395921679960

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSAutomobile Engineering - GN579140682651
HSAutomobile Engineering - F717129717129
HSCivil Engineering - GN334216445941
HSCivil Engineering - F370171442646
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN154950283498
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F113318254624
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN361179524186
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F183028456483
HSElect Elex - GN302065509459
HSElect Elex - F365152376137
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN297813343186
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F302665324455
HSMechanical Engineering - GN252585580255
HSMechanical Engineering - F618802813098
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - GN581453583691
HSPetro-Chemical Technology - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN319347636064
HSCivil Engineering - F512820622004
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN307391629555
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F280179568211
HSElect Elex - GN477837761271
HSElect Elex - F646366646366
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN570931828719
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F647989802808
HSMechanical Engineering - GN742228742228
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

This is all about UIT RGPV Bhopal Cutoff trends hopefully this article was helpful for you thanks for visiting.
Team College Help

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