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Hello Everyone this is Abhay Shukla from College Help. In this particular article, I am going to explain Jabalpur Engineering College (JEC Jabalpur) previous years’ opening and closing ranks for MP DTE counselling, so It will help you to understand the JEC Jabalpur cutoff 2022 trends for your admissions.

JEC Jabalpur History and Fees:
JEC Jabalpur is one of the prestigious engineering institutions in India. The history of this college is glorious. It is the oldest engineering institution in central India and the 15th oldest in India. This is the first institution in the county which starts electronics and telecommunication engineering courses in India.

JEC Jabalpur is a fully government engineering college and the fees of this college are very offered able if you are from general category student and not eligible for any type of scholarship then you have to pay an overall fee approx INR 25000 per year and if you are from OBC then you have to pay approx INR 6500 per year and SC/ST students are in very safe zone they have to pay nothing in the name of fee and they also get some amount from the government as residential and equipment scholarships.

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JEC Jabalpur Cutoff Trends:
JEC Jabalpur offers B.Tech courses in 9 branches including CSE, IT, AI, EC, Electrical, Industrial and production, Mechatronics and Mechanical. JEC Jabalpur started Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mechatronics engineering branch in the academic year 2021-22. If you are from Madhya Pradesh with general/ews/obc category and your JEE Main CRL is under 2.5 lakh then you can get admission to this institution with Mechatronics engineering and if your AIR CRL is under 3.5 Lakh then you can get admission to Industrial and production engineering by MP DTE Counselling in round 1st the last upgrade round because in MP DTE maximum closing rank goes in the first round the last upgrade so if you want to get admission in best college then you should accept the seat which allotted to you in upgrade round if you are not getting a good branch you can change it by internal branch change according to your rank in jee. If you are from outside Madhya Pradesh then your category will not be considered in MP DTE Counselling so if your CRL is under 1.5 lakh (no matter in which category you belong) then only you can get admission to this Institute.

JEC Jabalpur Infrastructure:
JEC Jabalpur departments and labs infrastructure are not so good especially mechanical, chemistry, mathematics, and workshop departments are not in good condition overall college infrastructure is decent, but hostel of this college is in very good condition with all general facilities like mess, indoor-outdoor sports, Internet connectivity etc. The girls’ hostel is very close to academic buildings. JEC provide decent sports facility they have a common ground for football and cricket, basketball, volleyball courts, and Indore sports complex but it is not available for every student only college team can use this complex for practice. You can participate in various clubs like singing, dance, yoga, coding, drama, etc and improve your skills. Overall college life is a decent time to time sports, cultural and tech fest is organised by a student committee.

JEC Jabalpur Connectivity:
Jabalpur is one of the most important city in Madhya Pradesh, it is well connected to the rest of the country by railways and roads. JEC is about 6 km from Jabalpur junction and 13 km from Rani Durgawati International Airport Jabalpur.

JEC Jabalpur Admission Mode:
Admission to JEC Jabalpur will be done through MP-DTE counselling by JEE Main rank so first, you should participate in JEE Main examination after that you should separate apply for MP DTE counselling.

All the cutoff Ranks mentioned in this article are from MP DTE official resources.
The opening rank is taken from the first round of MP DTE and the closing rank is from 1st round of the last upgrade.
Here GN represents Gender Neutral and F represent Female only.

JEC Jabalpur Cutoff 2021:

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
AIArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN4898056873
AIArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F----
AICivil Engineering - GN57166100962
AICivil Engineering - F----
AIComputer Science & Engineering - GN3383045391
AIComputer Science & Engineering - F----
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN4778559915
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
AIElectrical Engineering - GN5505055050
AIElectrical Engineering - F----
AIIndustrial & Production Engineering - GN85488120968
AIIndustrial & Production Engineering - F----
AIInformation Technology Engineering - GN4287555430
AIInformation Technology Engineering - F----
AIMechanical Engineering - GN67180102390
AIMechanical Engineering - F----
AIMechatronics Engineering - GN7394499151
AIMechatronics Engineering - F----
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN27995113135
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F93623133304
HSCivil Engineering - GN151711235984
HSCivil Engineering - F118602264872
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN2578265618
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F4807180309
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN61274119564
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F97532140777
HSElectrical Engineering - GN106912164038
HSElectrical Engineering - F122503161529
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - GN160204576875
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - F158851473722
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN5793383139
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F7840094060
HSMechanical Engineering - GN78927226448
HSMechanical Engineering - F123813245865
HSMechatronics Engineering - GN111031337170
HSMechatronics Engineering - F166247319301

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN4778495879
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN139961286869
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN4009969853
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN74051127024
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
HSElectrical Engineering - GN100968148437
HSElectrical Engineering - F----
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - GN155707370780
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - F----
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN6731577789
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F----
HSMechanical Engineering - GN90197178257
HSMechanical Engineering - F----
HSMechatronics Engineering - GN114083267353
HSMechatronics Engineering - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN7051986824
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F115470143427
HSCivil Engineering - GN109854219626
HSCivil Engineering - F180397239243
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN4964261664
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F6976195113
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN7622196949
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F89224147849
HSElectrical Engineering - GN113412140567
HSElectrical Engineering - F7545187420
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - GN180093443255
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - F171525271912
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN6004475154
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F77470108163
HSMechanical Engineering - GN113648173277
HSMechanical Engineering - F177335196100
HSMechatronics Engineering - GN146675247323
HSMechatronics Engineering - F202656235130

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN217623508232
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F300610405074
HSCivil Engineering - GN207888465145
HSCivil Engineering - F234206371200
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN135615197954
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F173866222148
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN226028452524
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F319010459917
HSElectrical Engineering - GN185792334432
HSElectrical Engineering - F442459518985
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - GN487235643539
HSIndustrial & Production Engineering - F471716471716
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN192787272469
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F222148444347
HSMechanical Engineering - GN302783516565
HSMechanical Engineering - F299277558206
HSMechatronics Engineering - GN427015770907
HSMechatronics Engineering - F621333715937

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - GN563852563852
HSArtificial Intelligence & Data Science - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN278645560124
HSCivil Engineering - F236891263621
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN287239416027
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F386932553796
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN393582614193
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F278497362820
HSElectrical Engineering - GN272221499523
HSElectrical Engineering - F409250648642
HSInformation Technology Engineering - GN383929752164
HSInformation Technology Engineering - F477974720562
HSMechanical Engineering - GN206123841850
HSMechanical Engineering - F457029689454
HSMechatronics Engineering - GN577382577382
HSMechatronics Engineering - F----

This is all about JEC Jabalpur Cutoff trends hopefully this article was helpful for you thanks for visiting.
Team College Help

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