UEC Ujjain Cutoff 2022 – Check Previous Year Cutoff

Hello everyone welcome to College Help, in this article, I will explain Ujjain Engineering College commonly known as UEC Ujjain’s previous year’s opening and closing rank cutoff for all category students so let’s understand UEC Ujjain cutoff 2022 trends.

UEC Ujjain Cutoff Trends:
UEC Ujjain offers an undergraduate degree in BE/B.Tech with 6 disciplines containing computer science, civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication, and chemical engineering. If you are from Madhya Pradesh and your JEE Main rank is approx 3 lakh then you have a good chance to get admission here in chemical engineering and if your rank is approx 2 lakh then you have many options like civil, mechanical, and electrical. If you are from outside of MP and your JEE Main rank is under 1.50 lakh then you may get admission here by all India quota, but in this rank, I suggest you should appear in CSAB counselling and get admission to GFTIs like HNB, SMVDU, CU Rajasthan etc. these all institutes are much better than UEC.

I also advise that If you are from Madhya Pradesh and your JEE rank is under 1.5 lakh then you should try to get admission to JEC with the core branches instead of UEC with a computer science branch according to the on-campus placement opportunities.

Check other colleges cutoff:

UEC Ujjain Campus:
UEC Ujjain is a mid-range state engineering college. The campus infrastructure is not so good all the departments and hostel buildings are based on the old architecture they need improvement on this. The lab’s conditions are also not so good they have sufficient equipment in the labs but as with all engineering colleges of Madhya Pradesh, most of the equipment is not in working conditions. The SC/ST book bank of this institution is decent they provide sufficient books for SC/ST students. Some of the other general facilities are also available on the campus like canteen, sports grounds, bank, post office etc. overall campus life of this college is not so good.

UEC Ujjain Connectivity:
Ujjain is a well-known city in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous around the world for a holy place known as Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga. Ujjain is well connected to the rest part of the country by railways. UEC Ujjain is 5.4 km away from Ujjain railway station and around 50 km away from Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport Indore.

UEC Ujjain Admission:
UEC Ujjain admission is easy to understand, first, you need to clear class 12th boards then you have to apply for JEE Main after writing JEE exam successfully you will receive a CRL and a category rank after that you have to separately apply for MP-DTE counselling and through this counselling, you may get admission to this college based on your rank in JEE.

All the mentioned ranks are the common ranks of the students. The gender-neutral seats are for both boys and girls and female-only seats are for female students.

UEC Ujjain Cutoff 2021:

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
AICivil Engineering - GN129392130463
AICivil Engineering - F----
AIChemical Engineering - GN106273187775
AIChemical Engineering - F----
AIComputer Science & Engineering - GN5045399649
AIComputer Science & Engineering - F----
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN75150112969
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
AIElectrical Engineering - GN105981143760
AIElectrical Engineering - F----
AIMechanical Engineering - GN129166173677
AIMechanical Engineering - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN152712365902
HSCivil Engineering - F291705595393
HSChemical Engineering - GN256797785727
HSChemical Engineering - F354605761620
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN30947112136
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F111090129725
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN100148258942
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F124004273845
HSElectrical Engineering - GN229656685308
HSElectrical Engineering - F226653439253
HSMechanical Engineering - GN223562634491
HSMechanical Engineering - F269164467912

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN197840412062
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSChemical Engineering - GN300857719895
HSChemical Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN83957108604
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN126830270804
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
HSElectrical Engineering - GN187932518415
HSElectrical Engineering - F----
HSMechanical Engineering - GN270804600032
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN144151206773
HSCivil Engineering - F252059373511
HSChemical Engineering - GN153040828548
HSChemical Engineering - F245640245640
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN56572109594
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F117187126432
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN157243217185
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F178620185494
HSElectrical Engineering - GN189492425079
HSElectrical Engineering - F232506366295
HSMechanical Engineering - GN165409405177
HSMechanical Engineering - F276474369320

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN194783593103
HSCivil Engineering - F380366380366
HSChemical Engineering - GN549948834888
HSChemical Engineering - F364594399172
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN203117297812
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F309072318986
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN308771746793
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F226048337351
HSElectrical Engineering - GN354122789031
HSElectrical Engineering - F610049622630
HSMechanical Engineering - GN462574568328
HSMechanical Engineering - F406219430900

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN348571609393
HSCivil Engineering - F535772535772
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN235933761644
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F400305622259
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN761166761166
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F622259622259
HSElectrical Engineering - GN645128706592
HSElectrical Engineering - F552435552435
HSMechanical Engineering - GN306165306165
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

This is all about UEC Ujjain Cutoff trends hopefully this article was helpful for you thanks for visiting.
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