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Hello Everyone this is Abhay Shukla from College Help. In this particular article, I am going to explain Government Engineering College Rewa also known as Rewa Engineering College previous years’ opening and closing ranks for MP DTE counselling, so It will help you to understand the REC Rewa cutoff 2022 trends for your admissions.

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REC Rewa is the second oldest government engineering college in Madhya Pradesh which was established in 1964 by the government of Madhya Pradesh.

REC Rewa Admission Mode:
Admission to REC Rewa will be done through MP-DTE counselling by JEE Main rank so first, you should participate in JEE Main examination after that you should separate apply for MP DTE counselling.

All the cutoff Ranks mentioned in this article are from MP DTE official resources.
The opening rank is taken from the first round of MP DTE and the closing rank is from 1st round of the last upgrade.
Here GN represents Gender Neutral and F represent Female only.

REC Rewa Cutoff 2021:

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
AICivil Engineering - GN145451200209
AICivil Engineering - F----
AIComputer Science & Engineering - GN84325123442
AIComputer Science & Engineering - F----
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN87290161846
AIElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
AIElectrical Engineering - GN101551225452
AIElectrical Engineering - F----
AIMechanical Engineering - GN105256230456
AIMechanical Engineering - F----
HSCivil Engineering - GN134591464852
HSCivil Engineering - F186269375459
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN101683291705
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F203302289541
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN230776750416
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F280440604908
HSElectrical Engineering - GN235148682732
HSElectrical Engineering - F291593564575
HSMechanical Engineering - GN298300806771
HSMechanical Engineering - F327923807140

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN248880380149
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN72193241050
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN261686703609
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
HSElectrical Engineering - GN265646802097
HSElectrical Engineering - F----
HSMechanical Engineering - GN428061480803
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN269510639144
HSCivil Engineering - F302300341959
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN109729266946
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F181006231325
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN239710717449
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F472526489383
HSElectrical Engineering - GN279813320209
HSElectrical Engineering - F309569538557
HSMechanical Engineering - GN282725671806
HSMechanical Engineering - F648960722646

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN578811578811
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN195772818613
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F487445526740
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - GN666380666380
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering - F----
HSElectrical Engineering - GN330606823728
HSElectrical Engineering - F496850607180
HSMechanical Engineering - GN443306781611
HSMechanical Engineering - F----

QuotaBranch NameOpenClose
HSCivil Engineering - GN573194573194
HSCivil Engineering - F----
HSComputer Science & Engineering - GN639025639025
HSComputer Science & Engineering - F----

This is all about REC Rewa Cutoff trends hopefully this article was helpful for you thanks for visiting.
Team College Help

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